Ice Cream Cake (THC 26%)

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Ice Cream Cake (THC 26%)

Hybrid Flower

Maximum purchase by Illinois law is 1oz or 8 X 1/8 Jars.

1/8 (0.125oz) per Jar

Ice Cream Cake is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (75% indica/25% sativa) created through a cross of the Gelato 33 X Wedding Cake strains. Ice Cream Cake has a creamy, sweet flavor and offers relaxing Mood. This is the ideal indica strain for totally kicking back and relaxing. When you’re craving Ice Cream Cake, give this strain a try! Between the sedating Mood and vanilla sugar taste, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


  • Body High
  • Hungry
  • Relaxing
  • Sleepy
  • Uplifting


  • Cheesy
  • Creamy
  • Nutty
  • Sweet


  • Appetite Loss
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea

Growing Information

Flowering Period Is Approximately 8-10 Weeks, Can Be Grown Indoors

Additional information

Weight 0.125 oz

1/8oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz




Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Nausea

Helps with

Application, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Inflammation, Nausea, Stress