By bargain bud, we mean cannabis flowers that are up for sale at hugely discounted prices.  For obvious reasons, you’d be hard-pressed to find the most in-demand strains with any real price cuts.

You probably don’t need us to tell you the biggest and most obvious advantage of buying bargain bud. Depending on where you buy it from and what you buy, you could be looking at 50% or so off the usual selling price. If you’re low on funds (or just a little on the tight-fisted side), it’s a great way of saving money.

In addition, buying bargain bud doesn’t always mean selling yourself short. Sometimes, though not very often, bargain bud is thrown out as the result of overproduction. It could simply be that the dispensary and its supplier ended up with far more of a certain strain than they could deal with. Rather than allowing quality buds to go to waste, they’ll usually discount a bunch of it to ensure it is put to good use.

Buying bargain buds can also be a great way of testing the waters with new strains. Just as long as the dispensary can tell you what it is, why not try something new? Even if it turns out to be a strain you’re not particularly enamored with, you won’t have wasted too much money. And hey, at least you tried!

Last but not least, bargain bud is brilliant when dealing with pot-smoking friends who seem hell-bent on bogarting your entire stash. If it’s all give and no take on your part, feel free to stock up on something a little more economical

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